Real World Vision Solutions using Azure Computer Vision, Azure Custom Vision and Azure ML

Creating AI-based vision solutions can in some cases be a challenging task, requiring days of training time using complex neural networks with large image datasets on expensive GPUs. In other cases, solutions can be created by making a simple API to call Azure Cognitive Services such as Computer Vision and Custom Vision.

Understanding the strengths and capabilities of the Azure AI services along with the challenges and best practices of developing AI-based vision solutions will enable you to choose the appropriate strategy for solving vision-based AI challenges.

In this demo-intensive session, Alan will use real-world scenarios to demonstrate the strengths and capabilities of different vision solutions, ranging from image classification for an auction site to object tracking from drone video footage. For each scenario, he will discuss the challenges involved and highlight the appropriate technologies that can be used to create a working solution.

Alan will also share his experience and opinions on when to use Azure Cognitive Services vs. a self-trained model, provide guidance on getting to grips with ML frameworks such as PyTorch, and how Azure ML can be used as a platform for AI development.


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