Taming the Wave of New Tools in Microsoft 365: Purview for Viva, Copilot and Loop

These newer products offer some fantastic productivity opportunities but it’s more important than ever to manage the information in these products. Yet, the never ending wave of new tools can be a challenge for governing the data. Understanding where the new features store their data and which governance features apply can be minefield.

In this session we will give you the map to the minefield, including

  • Where Does Viva store its data
  • The governance & compliance of Microsoft Viva
  • Where Does Loop store its data
  • The governance & compliance of Microsoft Loop
  • Governing Microsoft 365 Copilot with Purview

You will leave this session with the understanding of which Purview features can be used to govern Viva, Loop and Copilot as well as where the gaps in governance coverage are.

This session includes Microsoft Purview, Microsoft 365 Copilot, Microsoft Viva, and Microsoft Loop.


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