The Ethical Paradox of AI: Navigating the Dark Side of a Bright Future

In this talk, we explore the ethical side of artificial intelligence (AI), focusing on biases found in large language models (LLMs). These technologies, while potent, tend to reflect societal prejudices.

We will discuss who should be responsible for the outputs generated by these intelligent systems and the impact of such biases.

We will also look at the impact of intelligent automation on employment, especially in creative fields like voice acting and content creation. As AI takes on roles traditionally held by humans, we face important questions about the future of these professions.

We will share examples where adopting these advanced systems has posed challenges, showing the need for a careful balance between innovation and protecting human skills.

This presentation is for everyone, whether you know a lot about technology or not. We aim to provoke thought about the ethical considerations of intelligent automation. We will talk about times when AI has not worked well and when its use has raised concerns.

Our goal is to encourage a wise approach to AI development, ensuring it benefits everyone and respects our values.


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