Intranet with Teams: Dos and Don’ts from a Real Life Customer Case

Do you want to take your intranet to the next level? How about replacing the old SharePoint intranet with Teams? Welcome to hear about a customer who wanted to do a traditional intranet project but then fell in love with Teams. What does this bold move require from the organisation mentally? What kind of common rules, channel and tabs are beneficial? How to activate employees to participate in discussion in an organisation wide team? And in the end – did they really ditch SharePoint entirely?

Insights in this session are aimed for small and medium organisations with 50-500 employees, but might be useful for every organisation not depending on the size. The sessions is heavily demo-based, but we do not go into technical implementation and governance details.

Benefits of Attending this Session:

  1. Best practises for Teams intranet channels and tabs
  2. Ideas for Teams intranet user adoption
  3. Basic differences between a SharePoint and a Teams intranet
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