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Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Friday Funny: The Developer T-Shirt!

27 March 2015 by Niall Minihan

We've been putting together ideas for some of the conference goodies! So developers what would you think of this as a conference t-shirt? Certainly made me smile!

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Paddy's Day Competition Winner Announced!

24 March 2015 by Niall Minihan

The luck of the Irish was certainly with one of you this Paddy's Day!

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Live Webinar: Information Rights Management in SharePoint

24 March 2015 by André Vala, Create IT, Portugal

Learn about Information Rights Management (IRM) and what it allows you to do to protect your information and control its usage. Learn how it can be applied to SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online and the main differences between the way it works in each version.

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

eBook: Understanding Training Options around SharePoint...

23 March 2015 by Geoff Evelyn, MVP, SIT, UK

Geoff Evelyn created this eBook which goes into the land of SharePoint Training

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Mitigating Risk with CLM Matrix

23 March 2015 by CLM Matrix

When Hurricane Katrina honed in on the Louisiana Coast in the Fall of 2005, companies headquartered in New Orleans weren't alone in their exposure to the impending destruction. CEOs in lots of places – Chicago, New York, London, Munich for that matter – had plenty to ponder as well!

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Friday Funny: One for the Database Admins

20 March 2015 by Niall Minihan

This week’s Friday Funny is for the database admins out there!

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Metalogix Releases Insider Threat Index to Improve Security of Sensitive Business Content

20 March 2015 by Metalogix

Addressing the Fastest Growing Security Concern Facing Organizations Today With an Assessment Tool That Scores Insider Threat Vulnerabilities

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Forrester Research: Office 365 Impact Over Enterprises

19 March 2015 by Dipti Chhatrapati

Recentely , I read the Microsoft commissioned Forrester Consulting research details that has studied and examined the ROI over enterprises running Office 365 and found it very interesting ! and hence sharing this information as brief :

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Top 10 SharePoint Governance Presentations

18 March 2015 by Niall Minihan

10 Top Class Presentations! A bank of SharePoint content at your fingertips from the European SharePoint Resource Centre - free access to all community members!

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Free eBook on SharePoint Data Fundamentals

13 March 2015 by Paolo Pialorsi

We are delighted to present chapter 2 SharePoint Data Fundamentals from Paolo Pialorsi's fantastic book 'Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Developer Reference'.