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Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Store Twitter mentions on blog posts in Azure database using Azure Logic App and Azure API App

25 November 2015 by Alexander Meijers

As blogger it fancies me when people react on the post with comments. But the first thing you do with your post is placing it on a social platform like twitter. Instead of reacting on the blog itself, readers mostly react via twitter. Wouldn’t it be cool to have those twitter comments at your blog post? This article describes a technique using Azure Logic Apps to get the mentions on your blog posts into an Azure database.

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

SharePoint Is Back and Stronger than Ever

24 November 2015 by Benjamin Niaulin

I don’t think anyone will deny that the last year has been an interesting one for those of us working in the SharePoint space. Personally, I felt like we had to look at new things in Office 365, and try to figure out how we could replace some of our previous workloads in SharePoint. The impression was that no new improvements were being made in SharePoint, while new portals and “experiences” were being built, leveraging some of the existing technology. Perhaps what we were missing was someone guiding us, and the product, in a common direction. After a week at the MVP Summit with the Microsoft Product Team, that works on SharePoint and OneDrive for Business, as well as the ESPC 2015 keynote presentation to the world, I can tell you SharePoint is back! And I'm very excited!

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Where to store SharePoint Document Templates

23 November 2015 by Andrew Lizunovas, EnovaPoint

Moving forward with our document management series, we come to the topic of document content itself. I will talk about how you can manage document content efficiently and ensure a tidy environment. First thought might be that it is not important how we manage the content of documents, as long as the documents themselves are easy to find. However, the way you choose to manage document content, directly affects the way your SharePoint as a document management system is built, and may even limit or expand the possibilities of document management.

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Digital Signatures for SharePoint Data

20 November 2015 by Larry Kluger, Marketing Manager Connectors & Developers, DocuSign, Inc.

Digital Signatures for SharePoint Data By Larry Kluger, Marketing Manager Connectors & Developers, DocuSign, Inc. Much of the time, “electronic signature” and “digital signature” refer to signing a document by using the computer instead of a pen. But digital signatures can also be used to sign data.

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

European SharePoint Conference 2016 - Dates Announced

19 November 2015 by The European SharePoint Conference

European SharePoint Conference 2016, Vienna, Austria, 14-17 November 2016 The European SharePoint Conference are pleased to announce our 2016 The European SharePoint Conference 2016 will be held in Vienna, Austria, 14-17 Nov 2016.

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

5 Rules to Refine your SharePoint Document Naming

18 November 2015 by Andrew Lizunovas, EnovaPoint

The main reason SharePoint users don’t pay a great amount of attention to SharePoint file names can be resumed in just one word: Metadata. Since SharePoint allow us to describe every property of a document in its separated column’s metadata, we consider that the file name itself is left with almost no significance.

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

SharePoint Podcast with Jeff Teper

18 November 2015 by Tracy O'Connell

In this very special episode of the SharePointPodcast SharePoint MVP Michael Greth welcomes Jeff Teper

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

European SharePoint Community Award Winners 2015

17 November 2015 by Peter O Neill

European SharePoint Community Award Winners 2015

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

5 Reasons that make SharePoint Customization, an Expensive Choice!

10 November 2015 by Sashi Pagadala

With an experience and expertise of standing hundreds of SharePoint Implementations and custom business solutions, we have had the opportunity to dive deep into the platform as a technology and understand its architecture to the core. We have successfully built frameworks that extend the architecture to build custom solutions and delivered many packaged products. We exactly know where it rocks and where it lacks.

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

SharePoint and Digital Signatures – Your Most Successful SharePoint Project Ever

04 November 2015 by Rachael Brilleman, Docusign

“Adoption” is a hot topic for SharePoint pros—how can you increase user adoption in your organization? Alas, very often their complaint is: “We built it but they didn’t come!” The solution is to enable your users to digitally sign their documents from within their SharePoint system.