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Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Friday Funny: Swedish Chef Wants You to Submit to ESPC

30 January 2015 by Niall Minihan

I'm pretty sure we've all seen The Muppet Show at some stage, as part of this weeks Friday Funny, we're having a bit of a flashback to Swedish Chef!

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Movie Poster SharePoint App Part

28 January 2015 by Radovan Ostojić, Serbia

The journey of developing a SharePoint hosted App, to display images when entered into the search box.

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

100+ New Presentations at Your Fingertips

28 January 2015 by Niall Minihan

There are 100+ new presentations at your finger tips at the ESPC Resource Centre. Get Downloading!

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

It's Back! European SharePoint & Office 365 Training Week

27 January 2015 by Declan Clancy

European SharePoint & Office 365 Training Week from the 16 - 20 of February will bring together some of the best speakers and leading experts from around the world direct to your computer for FREE!

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Moving from Web-Based Collaboration To The Mobile Arena

27 January 2015 by Nimrod Geva, KWizCom, Canada

Everyone’s going mobile. The target seems to be clear: All companies want their employees to be able to work while they are on the road, at the airport, between meetings etc. (I personally miss the days when going for a coffee was just to drink coffee…no WiFi, no work)

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Value of Improved Co-Creation

26 January 2015 by Sasja Beerendonk, Netherlands

With the current available tools in Office 365, collaboration can really take a productivity flight! There are several features available that allow people to co-create content together. This article will provide a better understanding of the benefits of co-creating content.

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Friday Funny: The Typical Response when SharePoint Tells You "Something Went Wrong"

23 January 2015 by Declan Clancy

This weeks Friday funny asks "Is this your reaction when SharePoint tells you that something went wrong?"

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Your Questions Answered by Marwan Tarek

22 January 2015 by Marwan Tarek, Director, Hitachi Consulting, UK

The following questions and answers are from Marwan's latest webinar with the European SharePoint Community.

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

MVP of the Month - Patrick Guimonet

20 January 2015 by Patrick Guimonet, France

I am Enterprise Solutions Architect and passionate about designing, selling and implementing IT solutions for customers of all size. I have been working in the IT industry for more than 20 years now. I had the chance to work as employee for great companies and organizations like: CERN (in Geneva, at the time URL, HTTP and HTML were conceived), Oracle, Sequent, Sun Microsystems, Microsoft and Cap Gemini (all five being Paris based).

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

SharePoint Stands a Good Chance of Being a Hidden Commodity behind Office 365

20 January 2015 by Steve Dalby, Belgium

Good old SharePoint has now at last found its place in the business… but it still has not reached its peak!