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Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Friday Funny: IT Consultants and Their Projects

24 April 2015 by Niall Minihan

Projects are great fun, aren't they! Madness! Madness!

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Exporting an Azure Database to On-Premises SQL Server

24 April 2015 by Gokan Ozcifci, MVP

Hi, I’m going to show you easily can export “any” SQL Server database from Microsoft Azure to an On-Premises platform. I don’t think this steps are valid for a SharePoint Infrastructure (as the Content as Configuration Databases are stored in SQL Server itself), but it’s always a nice to know. In the meantime we don’t know what the vNext of SharePoint Online is, so it’s always good to know an export procedure fromMicrosoft Azure!

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Make the Microsoft SharePoint Work for You

23 April 2015 by Radoslaw Szymcak

There is a lot of information you can find about SharePoint, describing features, how to use API, how to change page layouts etc. But most of them are seemed to be samples a little bit disconnected from real needs.

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Joining the Community is Easy!

22 April 2015 by European SharePoint Team

What are you waiting for? ... Join the European SharePoint Community Today!

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Moving SharePoint to the Cloud? 8 Things to Consider

22 April 2015 by Tracy O'Connell

Over the next 3 to 5 years, Microsoft estimates that 50% or more of the existing SharePoint customer base will maintain a hybrid environment. As companies make this transition, do you understand the true cost and governance impacts of moving to the cloud?

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

From Pushing to Networking - Do Companies Understand the Nature of Social Media?

22 April 2015 by Noora Hakkarainen, Finland

My name is Noora and new to European SharePoint Community blogs. Happy to share my ideas in this forum I would like to dig into the topic of social media. Not only due to the fact that I am writing a book about social recruitment, has the topic got me puzzling from time to time. My work consist of building and developing online and digital solutions for internal and external customers, but communications and social media are close to my heart as well.

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Webinar: Extending Office 365 Business Solutions!

20 April 2015 by Paul J. Swider

Paul J. Swider will present this months webinar this Wednesday 22nd of April on extending O365 business solutions...

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

How to Refresh Your Power BI Dashboard with On-Premises Data

20 April 2015 by Arthur Graus, Netherlands

This blog will guide you through the following steps: Power Pivot, Power View, Power BI & Data Refresh.

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Friday Funny: It's the Final Countdown!

17 April 2015 by Niall Minihan

There isn't much time left!

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Exciting News on SharePoint Server 2016!

17 April 2015 by European SharePoint Community

Seth Patton of Microsoft has released new information on SharePoint Server 2016...