Community Reporter Update #1

For our first post-ESPC18 Community Reporter panel discussion (with many more planned in the coming weeks), I was joined by fellow MVP’s John White (@diverdown1964) and Vlad Catrinescu (@vladcatrinescu) to highlight three of the sessions from the conference in Copenhagen, and provide links to supporting material — and other similar content that is available from each of the speakers we mention. 

Vlad wanted to highlight the session by Microsoft RD & MVP Gokan Oxcifci (ESPC profile), which was one of the few sessions to focus entirely on the on-premises version of the platform. You can find Gokan’s session here: “What’s New in SharePoint Server 2019 for IT Professionals” (you can see his slides here).  

Gokan Oxcifci

 John then discussed Microsoft RD & MVP Jen Stirrup (ESPC profile) and her keynote session “Artificial Intelligence: Winning the Red Queen’s Race” that she also presented at Microsoft Ignite (BRK2280) in September (watch it here), and in a recent webinar (here). 

Jen Stirrup


Finally, I wanted to point people toward a session by Microsoft MVP and MCM Wictor Wilén (ESPC profile) on a popular topic these days: “Building Apps for Microsoft Teams Like a Champ.” In his session, Wictor provided an overview of creating chatbots and other integrations into Microsoft Teams, which can be an entry point for many users into the world of artificial intelligence and business applications. If you check out his blog, you’ll find a number of articles to help you understand what is possible with bots, AI, and Microsoft Flow, and show you how to get started. 

Wictor Wilén


Check out the video of our discussion of these three sessions:


 Watch for our next update, when more of the Community Reporters will join the discussion and share more of the great content that was presented in Copenhagen! 

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