Pia Langenkrans

Pia has been a SharePoint lover for over 20 years and worked Microsoft 365 since it was born and has extensive experience of working with the digital workplace. She can take the big perspective (strategy, communication plan, change management, training, culture), the middle perspective (digitize and improve flows and work groups) and the small (coach individuals) at the same time.

She has a deep technical knowledge but what makes her most effective is that I have experience with quite a lot but still are quite relaxed and have a great understanding of the human factors. She meets people where they are and are not afraid to tell you what’s what. With humor, creativity and a dose of ‘nifty’ where she finds a good balance between how much time there is and what needs and can be done.

In her work as a change manager, she does webinars, workshops, lectures, speaking engagements. Most of them internal to her customers but some are public and you can find some on Youtube (in Swedish) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xDSXLEoD3pA

Large, small, public, international companies in several different industries, sure. She’s been involved in most things but despite the years in the industry, she still loves how much there is left to learn and do.

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