Simon Denton, MVP

I am the architect of the Microsoft 365 ecosystem at Mott MacDonald who are a global engineering, management, and development consultancy. In my role I am passionate about maximising the value gained from knowledge held in Microsoft 365 through adoption, continuous improvement and emerging technology such as Project Cortex.

I am the architect responsible for Project Cortex at Mott MacDonald. Mott MacDonald are one of a small number of organisations that have been involved in the development of the product prior to its subsequent Preview and General Availability releases. This has afforded me a unique insight into the product and a head start into how it can be used to enhance our approach to knowledge management.

I am a 4-time Microsoft MVP in the Office Apps and Services category.

Prior to my move into IT I was a practicing Civil Engineer. It may seem on the face of it that there are few similarities between the two, but I firmly believe that the mind-set needed for both disciplines – creativity, precision, an eye for detail and needing to be able to understand your client’s needs – means that the two are more alike than you think.

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