Simon Skotheimsvik, MVP

Introducing Simon, a distinguished Senior Cloud Consultant at CloudWay, renowned for his expertise in Microsoft 365 and extensive experience in enterprise mobility. With a career spanning back to the late 90s, Simon has immersed himself in the IT industry, progressively specializing in Microsoft technologies.

Having started as an in-house IT expert, Simon transitioned into consultancy in the mid-2000s, where he excelled as a go-to authority for all things cloud-related. His proficiency is underscored by a collection of certifications from Microsoft, including the prestigious Certified Enterprise Administrator Expert title.

A passion marks Simon’s professional journey for sharing knowledge. As an international conference speaker, he captivates audiences with his deep insights and infectious enthusiasm for technology. Additionally, Simon channels his expertise into the realm of blogging, offering a valuable resource for those eager to stay abreast of the latest developments in the ever-evolving landscape of cloud computing.

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