Building an AI strategy with Microsoft Copilot

Everyone has heard about Copilot but do you know how many different Copilots there are out there? Have you considered how each of these threads together? Have you worked out how to bring these together to empower your organisation with AI?

AI is moving very fast and organisations are now looking at how they form a strategy for usage and governance around it. Those who are not planning for this will be left behind and those who just let this happen without planning will feel the pain of this later. Join this session to look at what should be included in that strategy and how your organisation can help get the benefits of AI from existing services and build your own.

In this session, you will:

  • Be taken through what a Copilot actually is and why Microsoft is pushing these so much.
  • Learn how you can build a strategy to help the rest of your organisation understand this.
  • See how the different types of Copilot can help across your organisation, and different roles and help specific scenarios.
  • See when you should consider extending the Copilots and even building your own.
  • Understand the value that the Microsoft Copilots, extending Copilots and custom Copilots can bring and judge this over time.
  • View how you can help with understanding and adoption of AI with Copilots and how to help ensure responsible usage by all.


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