[CASE STUDY] AI at Work: A Real-Life Playbook

Join Luise and Nicki for an insightful session as they present a real-world AI makeover at a consultancy firm. This session will focus on the practicalities of “when to use what” among various AI tools and the critical “build or buy” decision.

But here’s the twist: AI doesn’t start from scratch; it needs to blend into your existing workplace. We’ve got a case study to prove it! Our case study will showcase how Microsoft Copilot, Azure OpenAI, and more were strategically leveraged to optimize data retrieval, data engagement, and content creation, leading to increased satisfaction, productivity, and tangible outcomes.

Designed for both business decision-makers and developers, this session will provide actionable insights on navigating the AI landscape without the fluff. Learn when and how to deploy AI tools effectively, ensuring they complement your existing workflow for maximum impact.


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