Extending Microsoft 365 with SharePoint Framework

From a developer’s point of view, Microsoft 365 is a wonderful world made of extensible services. The SharePoint Framework (SPFx), despite its name, it THE extensibility framework for most of the services in the Microsoft 365 offering. Using SharePoint Framework, you can extend SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Viva Connections, Microsoft Lists, etc.

In this tutorial, you can learn what SharePoint Framework is, how to use it to extend the main services of Microsoft 365, and you can understand what the potentials of SPFx are. You will understand how to create components to consume Microsoft Graph, SharePoint Online, or custom application services via secured REST APIs. You will also learn how to manage the lifecycle of real-life projects created with SPFx.

In order to attend this tutorial, you simply need to know about client-side development (specifically JavaScript/TypeScript and React).

Benefits of Attending this Tutorial

  1. Learn the potentials of SharePoint Framework
  2. Understand how to extend Microsoft Teams
  3. Understand how to extend Microsoft Viva Connections
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