Gaining SPFx Super Abilities with React, Office UI Fabric and PnP SPFx Controls

Want to create really good-looking web parts and do it fast?  

Microsoft has given us an official front-end framework to build great experiences in office 365. Currently the best way to apply this framework is with React. 

React is a simple and powerful JavaScript framework. Combine that with the Office UI Fabric and the PnP SPFx Controls and you can make good looking, mobile friendly web parts with ease.  

Join me and I will show you how react works and how to use the Office UI Fabric along with the PnP SPFx controls to make awesome looking web parts. 


Benefits of Attending this Session: 

  • Introduction to React 
  • Learn how to use the Office Fabric UI 
  • Learn how to use the PnP SPFx React Controls 
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