How Autonomy in the Modern Workplace has Changed the Way We Work, Forever

One of my favorite sayings is “Products don’t fix problems, people fix problems with products”. Might sound like it makes sense, but very few companies are applying this logic. With the exponential advancement in technology, we’re experiencing unprecedented breakthroughs in our systems, but at the same time, our employees are becoming slower and more frustrated while using this technology.

In this session Tracy would cover elements that could be causing this, and possible solutions to overcome and move forward:

  1. Paying for the mistakes made in the last 20+ years
  2. Autonomy in the modern workplace
  3. The era of the digital citizen
  4. Upgrading your training and support systems. It’s not adoption we’re after.

Usage implies the use of technology, adoption will be the efficient use of technology, what is needed is to create and nurture digital citizens who are responsible and efficient users of the given technologies.

Attending this session will change the way you look at the modern workplace.

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