[Inspire Stage] Be Well – Rediscovering Harmony in a Busy Life

馃搷 Inspire Stage, Expo

馃暐 30 Minute Session

Working a busy job, running your own business, managing a team, being a community leader, having children, a partner, friends, … – I’m sure you know the feeling very well: we have too much to juggle with. The more conscious you are about your life, the more you realize how important it is to have the body-mind-soul all in balance in harmony.

But getting there is not as easy as it sounds…

In this session, I’ll show your various ways to get it all balanced: we’ll talk about exercising, meditation, family, friendships and other meaningful connections, working with a coach, etc.

I cannot say I know the Holy Grail, but I’l happy to share what works (and what doesn’t work) in my busy but wonder-full life.

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