Modern SharePoint and SPFx Branding with Office UI Fabric and Site Designs

Modern SharePoint experiences provide an array of user interface, branding, and templated deployment options that change the paradigm of classic SharePoint branding. Gone are site templates, master pages, custom stylesheets, and more. In are Office UI Fabric and Site Designs, tools to modify aspects of the SharePoint UI as well as create templated experiences.

In this session we will introduce the Office UI Fabric and Site Designs and learn how to use these options in our current or future SharePoint projects. After a quick introduction of the basics and how to get started, we will dig into code samples to see how we can build our own applications that appear as part of SharePoint.

Benefits of Attending this Session:

  1. Get an overview of Office UI Fabric
  2. Receive an introduction of Site Designs
  3. Learn how to use Office UI Fabric and Site Designs in your modern SharePoint projects
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