Power Automate Desktop – Lessons Learnt after a year of RPA Automation

I have been working on building bots with Power Automate Desktop (RPA from Microsoft) for the past year. I have been automating financial and ERP processes. Most of them have been created around SAP transactions, but I also had the opportunity to work with JD Edwards – Oracle’s ERP. The workflows I have been building were usually initiated on SharePoint, using Power Apps forms, but some of them were also triggered using schedulers. Some of them were supplemented with Power Automate cloud flows, where approvals were done, others not.

Through all that time I was also carefully watching where the development of the PAD is going, what new features it is being equipped with, how much Microsoft is investing in the product and how is it changing over time compared to its market competitors. The product is on the market since 2020 and since then it has made a huge step forward to being recognized as a market leader.

Benefits of Attending this Session:

  • Discover what I have learnt about Power Automate Desktop as product,
  • Discover what obstacles I have faced and how I have solved them,
  • Receive a set of best practices for working and using RPA from Microsoft so that you will not need to look for solutions over the internet as you face problems yourself.
  • Gain insights from automating SAP and JD Edwards with Power Automate Desktop.
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