The Self-healing Environment – PowerShell DSC for Your SharePoint Ecosystem

To keep pace with the changing technologies of SharePoint every administrator, consultant and customer is challenged to stay up to date with SharePoint and the surrounding products. Setting up new environments – equal to the existing ones – is a puzzle. Time spent, that could be invested more efficiently. Installations based on your very own PowerShell script look like a smart way out, but this solution could backfire. In general, these scripts are error-phone and hard to maintain. However, with PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) we have a fast growing and community supported technology, that can be used On-Premises as well as in Azure. Desired State Configuration gives you the opportunity to define new environments in a declarative way. It will configure the new environment and even monitor the configuration. In regards to customer specific SharePoint development environments, PowerShell DSC provides tools, that allow to clone existing farms true to originals. In the session I offer, we will go into the basics of PowerShell DSC and the SharePoint DSC Module; build a new SharePoint development environment with least effort and discuss the pros and cons of using PowerShell DSC in SharePoint focused production and development environments.

Benefits of Attending this Session: 

  1. Learn the basics of PowerShell DSC
  2. Deploy smart SharePoint infrastructures
  3. Learn how to automatically deploy environments
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