Introducing SharePoint Online for Developers

SharePoint OnlineThe SharePoint Framework (SPFx) is a great new option for developing SharePoint online solutions. Many developers are creating full-trust based solutions or add-in solutions, while also figuring out where and how SPFx fits in the big picture.

This exclusive free chapter Introducing SharePoint Online for Developers from SharePoint Development with the SharePoint Framework by Jussi Roine and Olli Jääskeläinen starts by getting you familiar with the basic capabilities of SPFx.

Topics covered:

  • What is SharePoint Online?
    – SharePoint sites and site collections
    – SharePoint document libraries
    – SharePoint lists
    – SharePoint web parts
  • Why SharePoint Online?
  • Office 365 licensing
    – Choosing an Office 365 license for development use
  • Getting started with SharePoint Online
    – Creating new site collections
    – Developer sites versus team sites
    – SharePoint Online APIs
  • Developing solutions for SharePoint Online
    – Solutions for SharePoint and SharePoint Online
    – Development tooling for SharePoint Online

Download the exclusive chapter below or purchase the full eBook HERE. Also available on Amazon for Kindle HERE.

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