Manage your Teams Notifications

On your desktop, Teams gives you a choice between three levels of notifications: Emails, banners and a notifications feed in the app.

Select your notification level for all of teams in Settings > Notifications

  1. Email sends a notification of any Teams activity to your associated email.
  2. Banners are pop-up windows with a preview of the message
  3. The feed is only visible in the app
Manage your Teams Notifications

Mute a specific conversation by going to the initial comment, then click the three dots and select Turn Off Notification. This is great if a specific thread is busy but not relevant to you. Just be warned that it only works as long as you’re using threaded replies.

Need to turn off everything for a bit so that you can focus? Switch your status to Do Not Disturb. You’ll still be able to use Teams the same way, but notifications are temporarily muted.

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Weaver, S. (2020). Manage your Teams notifications. Available at: [Accessed: 24th November 2020].

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