The fastest way to get started with Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is multiplying and updating very frequently with several new services. You can see releases of new Azure services very often. Old Azure services are getting updated with new features. And, many services are moving from public preview to general availability, and there are a lot more. Sometimes, this information is overwhelming when you are just getting started with Azure. You can follow some of these excellent learning resources to keep up to date with what’s new on Azure Services. In addition, Here are some of the superb code sample material. However, to get started very quickly, you can begin from Azure Portal Itself. This is the fastest way to get started with Azure.

The fastest way to get started with Microsoft Azure

The Azure Quickstart Center brings together all the quick start projects as part of services, setup guides, and corresponding Online courses. Azure Quickstart Center is available with Azure Portal for a long. Many times we overlook such great resources to start Azure Journey.

Firstly, You can Launch the Quick Start Center, from the start screen. If you don’t see it there, Search for “Quickstart Center” and mark it as the favorite for quick access.

The fastest way to get started with Microsoft Azure
Get Started with Quickstart Center

Azure Quick Start Center

Azure Quick Start Center, it has 3 major area

  • Start a Project
  • Setup Guide
  • Take an Online Course
The fastest way to get started with Microsoft Azure
Azure Quickstart Center

Start a Project Section provides a set of standard services that generally anyone who starts using Azure May explores. For instance, If you want to explore the Serverless App, Select “Build, Deploy and Operate a Serverless app“. It will bring the following screen to pick one of the services to get started as a next step.

The fastest way to get started with Microsoft Azure
Create Azure Services from Quickstart Center

In addition, From here you can directly choose the “Create” button to start creating the service. Moreover, if you want to explore more, click on the “Learn more” option. Which will bring additional information about the services includes the most common use cases and some reference architecture.

Get Started Azure Serverless

In addition, the Azure Setup Guide section provides a comprehensive list of azure documentation in a very organized way. This can help any newcomer start things very fast.

Azure Setup Guide

Finally, Take online course section take us to Azure Learning Path for beginners

Distribute Azure Health Chatbot Using Microsoft Teams Apps
Take an Online Course

To summarize, Azure Quickstart Center could be the fastest way to get started with Microsoft Azure. Moreover, This provides very organized and methodical ways to getting started with Azure and its services.

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