Jussi Roine, MVP

I was born at the ripe age of 0, in 1977. I was drawn to computers at an early age, and much to the surprise of my parents, I learned BASIC on a VIC-20 in record time.

Fast forward to 1989, I found the Internet. The information superhighway at my fingertips! I’ve done my share of Gopher, telnet, and IRC, I guess. Then, in 1990 I ‘saw the light’, and started fiddling with this Linux thing. That was fun.

Compiling the kernel while attending a class for high school was memorable, also. I’ve since kept working on the technology, focusing on Microsoft platforms and solutions since 1994.

I still miss Windows NT 3.51. I work on challenging Microsoft Azure and Power Platform projects – as a consultant, architect, and developer. Sometimes this is called being an advisor, and that’s where I thrive.

Another aspect I enjoy is business and strategy – both in building our two companies – North Advisors and Not Bad Security, but also when helping out customers.

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