Omar Shahine

I run Product for OneDrive and SharePoint consumer and business services in Office 365.

OneDrive & SharePoint empower users and companies around the world to collaborate every day. Our mission is to reinvent content collaboration for the mobile-first, cloud-first, intelligence-powered world. Content Collaboration is one of the most core activities at Microsoft and OneDrive + SharePoint are strategic to Windows, Office 365 and Azure.

OneDrive and SharePoint are used by over 200,000 organizations, with over 200 million paid accounts. We have 50,000 partners and a 1 million developers writing to our platform and a solutions ecosystem of 10 billion dollars.

I have worked on OneDrive since August 2010 when I lead a multi year change in strategy and capability for OneDrive. Today I lead a team of Program Managers who deliver OneDrive and SharePoint across a range of devices, and is integrated into thousands of products.

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