Petri Paavola, MVP

Petri Paavola has over 18 years work experience with Microsoft domain environments. His main specialty is cloud managed Windows 10 with Intune and Windows Autopilot. Automation with Powershell in cloud and on-premise environments and workstation&server deployment, automation and management in domain environments.

There are thousands of computers in hundreds of schools in Finland using Intune-managed Windows 10 which are installed with Petri’s own custom “Windows 10 cloud-install-solution”. This solution was created because there was no other easy install solution at that time. This also gave Petri over 2 years head start on cloud managed mass deployments before Windows Autopilot became public. Now we start moving to Windows Autopilot based deployments. Petri is transferring all his traditional technical knowledge to new Cloud Managed Windows 10 environments.

In past he was the owner of workstation service in Finland’s biggest technical university (Aalto University) covering 8,500 Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X computers. This position required both technical and non-technical skills to manage domain environment and people administering it.

Petri combines both of these views in his own company Yodamiitti Oy and in his presentations and trainings to find and give reasons how and why we should do what we are doing in our everyday work.

Petri has been a Microsoft Windows Most Valuable Professional (Windows and Devices for IT) for over 8 years. He is a frequently seen speaker in conferences in Finland and now covering also more rest of the world.

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