Centric is a leading ICT service provider, with over 3,500 ICT specialists we help clients in various sectors on a daily basis with our down-to-earth mentality. We build and maintain standard software solutions for local governments, logistics and retail. With our complete service portfolio, from staffing augmentation services to full managed services, we relieve clients in the area of Management, Servicedesk, Modern Workplace and Consultancy.

Our strength comes from sector specific knowledge combined with ICT solutions and services that help our clients to optimize or strengthen their primary business processes. We also provide valuable insights in the maturity of ICT environment through various assessments with a focus on governance/compliance, security, and productivity.

Cloud developments follow each other in rapid succession. Continuously monitoring and assessing innovative solutions enables us to keep adding value for our clients. By doing so, we keep an eye on the cost-effectiveness and functionality for the support of the primary processes.

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