Lightning Tools

It’s Christmas Day morning, and you (really Santa) paid a fortune for a really awesome toy Puppy Dog that can sit, bark, flip, and learn from your voice. You can’t wait for your child to open the toy. The toy is unwrapped and there is a huge grin from ear to ear from your child. Then, you have to fit the batteries. Oh no.. You don’t have the right sized screw driver!!! Your kid gets impatient as you struggle with a knife, and eventually loses interest and its onto the next toy! Yep, that happens a lot with SharePoint. Just imagine the users disappointment when you can’t deliver what you promised on time!

Lightning Tools offers a suite of tools that enable you to deliver SharePoint implementations without the disappointment, and months planning or procrastination. We offer External Data connectivity, SharePoint Permissions Management & Reporting, Form Design, Charting, Content Aggregation and Discuss Forum tools. Learn more from

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