LiveTiles provides an intelligent workplace software suite that empowers users to build engaging team intranets. These portals leverage artificial intelligence and analytics information to close the feedback loop between designers, users, and IT teams. The core products in the suite are LiveTiles Bots and LiveTiles Design.

LiveTiles Bots is a ‘bot-in-a-box’–an intuitive web-based tool, powered by Microsoft’s Azure’s Bot Framework and Cognitive Services, with which you can create customizable Virtual Assistants. Bots can automate your mundane and repetitive tasks, minimizing errors and giving you time to focus on what’s important. LiveTiles Bots was awarded the “Best Application of AI in the Enterprise” at the 2018 AIconics awards, and LiveTiles received the 2018 Microsoft US “Modern Digital Transformation” Partner Award.

LiveTiles Design is an all-in-one solution for creating beautiful, engaging intranet portals that foster collaboration throughout your organization, effectively managing content and seamlessly integrating third-party applications within a single platform.

We’re a global team passionate about transformative enterprise solutions and intelligent design, out to reshape the way people interact with technology by defining the market for intelligent workplace software enhanced with artificial intelligence.

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