Syskit is a software development company specializing in creating Syskit Point, a governance and management platform for Microsoft 365 environments.

Syskit Point helps you manage your complex Microsoft 365 environment with better visibility, governance, and security.

Created by IT professionals for IT professionals, Syskit’s platform is focused on providing the best collaborative governance by including end-users in data ownership, as well as optimizing reporting, security, provisioning, and lifecycle management.

Syskit is recognized for its exceptional support service. It has gained the trust of over 3000 organizations worldwide, such as Great Barrier Reef, RTI International, Rolex, Life Arc, Noble, Coripharma, iTeos, ECE, and Rimac.

Try Syskit Point with our 21-Day Free Trial and discover how you can:

  • Centralize your entire Microsoft 365 inventory.
  • Understand and manage who has access to what.
  • Automate processes and enforce governance policies.

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How Syskit Point helps you manage Microsoft 365

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