TimeFleX Group calendar – SIMPLE.  FLEXIBLE.  TIME-SAVING.

Our aim is to give you a perfect scheduler for users / groups / rooms / services & events.

Why spending funds for TimeFleX ?

Answer: Schedule events more efficiently / save time / save money / avoid frustration / be more flexible

TimeFleX can be used for ANY company size

Have you ever tried to manage multiple users simultaneously in Outlook or OWA?

If so, you certainly experienced one or more of the following points:

  • Limitations of simultaneously opened calendars
  • Clarity of planning view
  • Simultaneously search for strings in multiple calendars at the same time
  • Search results are output ONLY as a text list, the calendar view is gone
  • No scalable zooming over several days, weeks or months
  • organize people, groups and rooms everywhere

Start using TimeFleX to eliminate all of the above mentioned barriers and more…

With our great portfolio of solutions for Microsoft Exchange (On premise, Hybrid or O365) we help companies to make the work smarter with every appointment / booking.

Optional modules to extend TimeFleX in various ways:

  • Mobile
  • Catering & Services & Room Management
  • MeetingFinder
  • Digital Door Signage
  • Desk Sharing
  • Visitor Management (coming Q2/2019)

TimeFleX , more than just a group calendar.

View our online brochure here : Download

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