WorkPoint 365 is a knowledge-portal on Office 365/SharePoint Online making it possible to create business-critical solutions easily and effectively – without development or coding. WorkPoint adds a business-layer to SharePoint Online, making it easy to build solutions by way of modules – such as project, case, relations, contracts, or stakeholder management.

WorkPoint codifies workflows, ensures optimised workflows, and increases profitability. WorkPoint also makes it possible to coordinate and manage all business-critical information from a single place, and makes it available throughout the organisation, ensuring no data is lost. Emails and documents are associated with the individual case or project. As a result, WorkPoint makes it possible to manage complex cases and large projects, so that the project itself and the management of it are orchestrated from within one and the same system. This renders the organisation far less vulnerable because all data can easily and quickly be found.

WorkPoint was acknowledged among the 20 most promising SharePoint Solution Providers by the American magazine CIO Review in 2015.At the same time WorkPoint was elected as the Independent Software Vendor of the Year at the Microsoft Partner Awards 2015 in Denmark.

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