Azure Architecture: Choosing Wisely

The menu of Azure services is rich and vast. Selecting the best match for your application’s needs can be a daunting choice.

In this session we will create an architecture for a cloud-native application, with requirements that are taken from several real-world projects to provide a realistic scenario that should resonate with your own experiences. We will look at the requirements and discuss which Azure services could be used to deliver them, discussing the options and explaining the final choice. As our architecture diagram steadily expands, we will discuss the impact of specific security requirements and how the architecture may need to change to satisfy them. We will also discuss monitoring and telemetry and how they affect our design.

Building an application in the cloud is a team sport. This session should provide learning for all involved:

– developers writing applications who are involved in technology choices
– IT Pros and Ops teams that manage and operate Azure within their organisation
– architects that design cloud applications and need to go through this process themselves
– managers who want to understand more about what their teams need to do in order to build cloud-native applications

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