Azure DevOps vs GitHub Actions for Power Platform

Working with Power Platform but struggling to decide on which platform to use for your DevOps practices? ALM can be a pain, but having the right platform for your needs makes DevOps and CI/CD practices a lot easier.

In this session, an eagle’s view and a deep dive will be taken to explore and compare two of the most popular DevOps platforms nowadays for Power Platform: Azure DevOps and GitHub Actions

The most important features and selling points of both platforms will be discussed, looking at the CI part of CI/CD and the CD part.

Besides that, some examples of how to use both platforms will be demonstrated to help you streamline your development process for Power Platform ALM.

After attending this session, you will have more knowledge of the differences between Azure DevOps and GitHub actions, and you will feel more confident to make a choice on what suits best for your DevOps situation. You will also walk away with some practical insights in making a better success out of your Power Platform ALM.

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