Build your Own Collaborative Apps in Microsoft Teams and enjoy Hybrid Work!

It’s the time of hybrid work and we need solutions to work together as a virtual team while having sub teams in the same location and people working from home on workaction.

Collaborative apps can be part of the solution as they help us to feel as we all are together. Think about the effect of the Together Mode in Teams meetings and the fun while using the whiteboard app. There is so much more to come and so many options to build custom collaborative apps.

We will build collaborative apps based on Power Platform and/or Azure and Teams. Let’s focus on the following aspects:

– Challenges of hybrid work (in comparison to on-site and remote)
– Introduction: What are collaborative apps about and why should you think about using them?
– A brief look at the possibilites to build custom collaborative apps
– Live demo of building different apps based on common use cases (one example with Power Apps and a second one with Azure and the Teams Toolkit)

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