Building Better Bots

Bots have been on trend for a while now but still the large majority of bots are built in a way that limits their usefulness and in some instances makes then damn annoying to the users they are supposed to help.

Like with any emerging technology the patterns are still being defined for what works best for building great bots.
This session will cover many of the tips and tricks and design practices that have helped make multiple bots successful for customers. It will include live demonstrations of how to implement several of these features using the Microsoft Bot Framework version 4 as well as Microsoft Teams.

It will also cover some very handy things to avoid to help you build better bots.

Benefits of Attending this Session: 

  • Avoid the hype and hear what actually works from real bot implementations
  • Gain tips and tricks to inform your design discussions
  • Get to see what is happening with bots on the other side of the world
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