Choosing between Pro Developers or Business Users or Do We Need Both?

Citizen Developers versus Pro Developers is an argument we come across all the time in our modern workplace. The truth is that business users – citizen developers – are often the best placed to create a lightweight application for niche organizational needs. But in order to deliver the most business value, Pro developers and organizational IT need to set the citizen developers up for success.

In this session we will talk about how an organization can use Azure services, managed by their professional IT team, to develop rich business APIs that are then presented to the citizen developers within the Power Platform. We will show how Azure API Management can be used alongside Dataverse, and how citizen developers can then leverage those APIs in their business applications.

We hope you will leave the session with a spirit of cooperation: Citizen Developers will understand more about why they need the support of organizational IT, and Pro Developers will see where they need to deliver core services to enable the creation of lightweight business applications by their business customers.

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