Custom Code – The Missing Piece of the SharePoint Governance Puzzle

Lots of companies have been running SharePoint systems for many years and often “SharePoint Governance” is nothing new anymore. However, most of them usually focus only IT Management and Information Management when talking about governance. 

One topic that is nearly always missed in any governance conversation is that of Application Management & Governance of the custom code. Ask yourself:
– How do you manage your SharePoint custom code, which do customisations do you allow and do you have processes to manage the application life-cycle?
– Do you have and enforce customization policies what to do and what not in your SharePoint code?
– Do you control who can integrate and run custom code on SharePoint content pages by embedding JavaScript?
– Do you know which content is accessed by your custom SharePoint code and the 3rd party services it uses?

In this session I will explain how SharePoint customisations need to be integrated in your governance plan and how you can enforce it.

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