Deliver Cloud Success: Drive Business Value with Winning Data Governance and Compliance Strategies

Cloud computing has become a very compelling solution for large enterprises looking to reduce total cost of ownership and improve global access to content. For these organisations, while maximising cloud based technologies like Microsoft Azure or Office 365 can drive better communication and knowledge sharing to help drive productivity, the platform can lose its effectiveness and present compliance risks without proper data governance and compliance. It comes with significant concerns around storing business data outside the walls of their enterprises.

Effective data governance is not only implemented through standardisation of processes and education, but defining relevant processes and policies into the technology you provide to your employees. Key considerations include: Join AvePoint Public Sector CTO Dux Raymond Sy in this interactive session focused on how to adopt an effective data governance strategy and effectively implement proven tactics & winning strategies to ensure your cloud investment is successfully meeting business needs.

Benefits of Attending this Session: 

  1. Learn how do you establish the right level of data governance without compromising workplace efficiency or hindering productivity?
  2. Learn how do you implement and enforce complex governance policies that can still easily adapt to the changing needs of your organisation?
  3. Learn how do you integrate information security and privacy standards into governance policies to minimise compliance risks and violations?
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