Connecting to External Data with SharePoint On-Premises and Office 365 with BCS

Using Business Connectivity Services, Brett will demonstrate how using Office 365, SharePoint Online or SharePoint On-Premises, you can access data sources such as SQL, Oracle, and more. We’ll start of with a high level introduction of using External Lists, Web Parts, Search Office Client Integration and External Data Columns. We’ll then look at the configuration of External Content Types using SharePoint Designer and Visual Studio. Live demos will include: External List configuration, building related data dashboards, configuring Search for External Data, using BCS in a hybrid environment, building an External Content Type in SharePoint Designer for Microsoft SQL and SQL Azure, building a SharePoint add-in for On-Premises/Office 365 to access On-Premises data via OData.

Benefits of Attending this Session:

  1. Get the full insight into Business Connectivity Services and what it means to your business
  2. Learn how you can bridge the gaps between departmental silos of data
  3. See live demonstrations and get the full picture of how BCS is implemented
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