Future Collaboration Today with Microsoft Mesh!

Discover how Microsoft Mesh and Mesh immersive Teams meetings enable you to collaborate in a new way: meet like never before as Microsoft says it. Mesh adds a new level for meetings by adding presence and spatial capabilities. You can collaborate with your team and others through distances and change meetings to experiences.

In the session, you will learn when you should be using Microsoft Mesh in Teams instead of the traditional one or when the full Microsoft Mesh (“the app”) should be used. You will get answers to questions such as what are the best use cases and what kind of experiences customers already have.

People often ask me if they need to open Unity to be able to add logos, pictures or videos to the world. The answer is no. Join the session and see what you can accomplish with no code in Microsoft Mesh.

It is not just talk in the session, I believe in showing live demos. You will walk away from this session knowing what the latest and upcoming with Microsoft Mesh is, how and when you should use Mesh and what you can do in there!

Welcome to the future of collaboration today!


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