How Microsoft 365 Copilot is Changing the Way We Work

Microsoft 365 Copilot uses large language models to analyze the data within Microsoft 365. With the ability to reason over the data in an organization’s calendars, emails, chats, documents, meetings, and more, it’s able to deliver on the promise of building ‘insights’ within the Microsoft Graph. It has an ability to find information and make suggestions, while respecting responsible AI principles, and enterprise data security and privacy.

It combines the world’s most powerful language model with the human communications and documentation that are the very essence of an organization. The result is an incredibly powerful productivity tool that amplifies our human intelligence, and relieves us of much of the routine drudgery of office work.

In this talk, we’ll look at how we can make the most of Microsoft 365 Copilot, some of the implications, and take a peek under the hood at how it all works.

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