[Inspire Stage] Art and Work

馃搷 Inspire Stage, Expo

馃暐 15.15-16:15

With the exception of some people for whom work is their number one priority, the most of us need to maintain a balance that allows for even higher priorities: family, health, hobbies, and the things you would like to achieve in your life. Rafal thinks that treating your work like art, that is, doing everything as well as you possibly can鈥攔ather than just well enough鈥攊s key to balancing your goals.

This may be hard if a boss does not let you implement something as well as you believe you should, leading to dissatisfaction from work. Finding another customer or employer, where you can treat your work like your art, be proud of it, and be appreciated for it, is a healthy choice. Unfortunately, it may not pay as much as that other job. Rafal has made many work decisions in his professional life where he traded off the riches for a slice of happiness. Come hear his story and bring your own questions.

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