[Inspire Stage] Empowering Resilience: Back to Healthy Habits with Viva Insights

馃搷 Inspire Stage, Expo

馃暐 30 Minute Session – 15:50 – 16:20

M365 apps are continuously developed further at a rapid speed. Keeping up with all those updates to drive personal productivity is nowadays expected from end users, regardless of their position within a company. The struggle to stay on top of the game is real and often leads to burn out and exhaustion. At the same time, Microsoft Viva Insights was developed to gain valuable insights and foster personal habits that have a positive impact on end users’ well-being.

Antje Lamartine, a seasoned M365 Change Manager, recently struggled with a burn out diagnosis. In this session, she is going to share her story, highlight Viva Insights that helped her reestablish healthy routines, and reflect on her learning from an end user and Change Management perspective.

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