IT Pro Meets Microsoft Purview Data Lifecycle and Records Management

This session will explain Data Lifecycle and Records Management in Microsoft Purview from an IT-Pro’s perspective. With compliance concerns on the rise in the modern workplace, Compliance teams are reaching out to their IT-Pro partners for assistance.

This is unfamiliar territory for many IT-Pros, so this session is designed to help clear the path forward. It covers topics like:

– Recommendations for mapping a retention schedule into a “software-friendly” Purview File Plan
– Using automation to apply retention labels to your content
– Using scopes to scale and meet complex retention requirements
– Understanding what configurations can’t (easily) be changed after-the-fact

To reinforce the topics, Joanne will walk through several real-world use-cases and discuss the skills that IT-Pros should bring to the table when working with their Compliance team partners.

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