Learn PowerApps and Flow in 1 day with Doctor Flow

Update : no laptop needed, the teachers will perform all the demos in front of you from scratch to make sure we can cover more features. You will get the training material.

This workshop is fully demo based. : we will create things from scratch and we will demonstrate it. Don’t bring your laptop we will do all the work for you in such way that you can reproduce it at home.

You are not supposed to have any background in Flow/Power Automate or in Power apps to attend this workshop, we really start from scratch.

Part 1. Introduction to PowerApps

Introduction to PowerApps Studio
Creating apps from templates
Creating apps from scratch
Screens and Pages
Screen components: Forms, DataCards, Controls, …
Connecting to data sources, including implementing master details
Handling bindings
Versioning, publishing and sharing apps
App usage analytics
Using functions, signals, enumerations and named operators
Using rules to trigger based on conditions
Understanding and applying data source delegation
Introduction to Model driven apps

Part 2. Introduction to Flow

Building flows from templates
Building flows from scratch
Working with services, triggers, actions, conditions, parallelism and loops
Run a flow on a schedule
Calling custom business services
Using approval options
Observing flows
Creating expressions with the Workflow Definition Language 

Benefits of Attending this Tutorial: 

  1. Exercises from scratch 
  2. Learn 2 nice tools in 1 day 
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