Managing Hybrid Servers with Azure Arc and Automanage

Join us for a full-day tutorial about managing non-Azure Windows and Linux machines with Azure Arc and Automanage.

Learn how to connect machines to Azure Arc, what is a connected machine agent, how to assign tags, and explore your server inventory with Azure Resource Graph. You can ensure the same set of Azure Policies are applied across all your machines and monitor compliance using Guest Configurations.

We will go through all supported VM extensions and their configurations to enable monitoring and management of the connected machines with Azure Monitor, Update Management, and Microsoft Defender for Cloud. Azure Automanage simplifies management of cloud and on-premises infrastructure by automatically onboarding and configuring Azure VMs and Azure Arc-enabled servers to comply with the recommended Azure best practices.

We will demo how to onboard the Arc-enabled servers to Azure server management services that are part of the Automanage service. The tutorial will also provide some troubleshooting steps for a successful hybrid and multicloud management.

Workshop Agenda Module

  1. Azure Arc-enabled Servers: Overview Module
  2. Connecting On-premises and non-Azure Machines to Azure Arc Module
  3. Tagging and Querying Server Inventory Module
  4. VM Extension Management with Arc-enabled Servers Module
  5. Integrating Microsoft Defender for Cloud Module
  6. Deploying Update Management Module
  7. Onboarding Arc-enabled Servers to Azure Automanage Module
  8. Troubleshooting Steps

Benefits of Attending this Tutorial

  1. Learn how to connect non-Azure machines to Azure
  2. Learn how to install and configure VM extensions for Azure Arc machines
  3. Learn how to manage and monitor Azure Arc servers
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