Microsoft Information Protection Getting Started, Keep in Control of your Content

There is a clear industry trend in the security landscape that 88% of the organizations are no longer confident they detect and prevent loss of sensitive data. This is a biggest worry of the Security Officer. It is no more about controlling the outer perimeter of your network, nor the devices where the data is located. It’s about controlling the actual content itself.

Questions commonly asked are:

  • How do we support collaboration with customers, partners, and vendors without having the risk of sharing confidential documents?
  • How do we keep “Secret” or “High Confidential” documents within our company boundaries?

But on the other hand, companies don’t want to create shadow-IT. With Microsoft Information Protection you bring complex document encryption closer to the business by applying the concept of Classify, Label and Protect based on common business terminology. This can be combined with Conditional Access and Cloud App Security service to put controls in place and start gaining control of your data.

This session covers the basics of Microsoft Information Protection to support secure collaboration. During the session different demos will support the basics concept to instantly see Information Protection and related technologies in action.

Benefits of Attending this Session:

  1. Get started with Information Protection and boost the confidence of controlling your company data
  2. Learn more on the Microsoft Information Protection and how this helps securing your most valuable content
  3. Security is not a choice, it’s a standard. Learn how to keep compliant with your company policy.
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