Microsoft Syntex Deep-Dive – from AI Document Understanding to Content Governance

As the AI era has unfolded, so have Microsoft AI investments such as Syntex. Even as ChatGPT has been woven into technologies like Microsoft 365 Copilot, Syntex provides unique superpowers when it comes to documents and forms a critical part of the AI and automation toolbox. Documents sit at the heart of many organisational processes – the scenarios are endless when you think about CVs, contracts, product specifications, service descriptions, project reports, insurance policies, risk assessments, safety reports and others, and that’s before we get to more general documents like purchase orders and invoices. As a ‘Preferred’ member of Microsoft’s Content AI programme from day one, we’ve worked with Syntex from the beginning and have lots of stories to share about how AI document understanding or automated document creation has transformed real-world processes in organisations we’ve worked with.

This session will demo all the major areas of Syntex, starting with how to train AI to understand specific documents you have and showing real examples of what this can unlock. Once your Microsoft 365 tenant can recognise, understand, and extract key elements from distinct document types you have, magic things can happen. We’ll then consider automating the creation of new documents from your data through Syntex Content Assembly, providing the foundations to move away from “copy/paste from the previous one” forever. Syntex can also help you reduce risk by getting a grip on sensitive documents in your environment by automating protection and governance controls – most organisations still do a terrible job of this, so we’ll explore how Syntex helps.

Finally, we’ll explore Syntex Advanced Management capabilities which help you manage your content through its lifecycle – including data access insights, eSignatures, backup/restore, archiving, and access policies. Understanding these tools will help you find where your sensitive data is and where your organisation’s data is overshared.

Think of this as an “all-up Syntex from the field” session, aimed at anyone building solutions or providing business tools based on Microsoft 365 pillars of SharePoint, Teams, and the Power Platform. You’ll learn what Syntex can do, how to start a pilot, or how to take your Syntex knowledge and use to the next level.

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