Modern Multilingual SharePoint Intranet for 20k Users – a Real Life Customer Case

How to create a user-centric user experience in a global multilingual SharePoint intranet, that has nearly 20.000 users, with the latest treats that M365 has to offer? Sounds like a modern work consultant’s dream case, doesn’t it?

In this session I will go through the lessons learned from a real-life customer case and show a couple of demos of the following topics:

  • Intranet renewal for nearly 20.000 global users is a huge project
  • what kind of internal resources are needed?
  • The good and bad things about multilingual SharePoint and the possibilities of AI
  • The ideology contradiction: “One company” vs. local intranets – how to support both?
  • How does Viva Connections support targeting – and how it doesn’t

Benefits of Attending this Session:

  • Tips from real-life customer case
  • Global multilingual SharePoint intranet
  • Viva Connection in a large company intranet
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