Navigating the AI Era: Securing and Governing Microsoft Copilot

With the incoming advent of Microsoft Copilot, end-users will be able to create new content more quickly and freely. It is sure to drive adoption and excitement with the M365 platform, but IT admins are already thinking about governance and security implications. We have been here before when Microsoft Teams allowed self-service creation of new Teams and Sites and have witnessed what chaotic environments that capability could create.

But all is not doom. Join us and learn battle proven strategies on how to keep your governance and security policies intact, without sacrificing your end-users’ freedoms. Although there is no silver bullet that works for every organization, we will showcase strategies that have worked from small companies to large corporations.

As we hopefully learned by now, it is better to have a sound plan from the beginning, than fixing issues in a live environment. This session is sure to inspire you to create your own governance and security policies before Microsoft Copilot comes to your tenant.

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