OneDrive, TwoDrive, White Drive, Blue Drive

OneDrive is the personal cloud storage system from Microsoft. It is the corporate cloud storage system from Microsoft. It is the offline file solution for SharePoint. All of these statements are true, so how does it all work? One Drive for business has undergone significant changes over the last year, and some of these changes have introduced significant confusion. This session will walk through how It has evolved over the years, and where it is at today. We’ll walk through all of the current configurations for One Drive, setting up a client and discussing optimal ways of working with it, and providing a few tips and tricks. Finally, we’ll get out the crystal ball and attempt to make a few educated guesses on what’s coming down the road.

Benefits of Attending this Session:

  1. Understanding the available options OneDrive brings
  2. Understanding the different OneDrive products
  3. Make intelligent investment decisions moving forward
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